JUNIORS 7 – 11 years

Students from the age of 7 can begin their martial arts journey in a controlled environment, with an introduction to all the elements of Taekwon-Do. These include, free sparring, pad work, technical kicking, patterns and self defence.

SENIORS 12 years +

Students will continue to develop Taekwon-Do skills at a higher and more intense level, with a focus on endurance and conditioning body and mind. Sparring combinations and techniques, patterns and technical awareness, pad drills and power breaking (over 18’s).


Conducted 3 times a year by Chief Examiner Master Tom Denis 8th Degree, who has a wealth of knowledge in his 35 years in the world of Taekwondo-Do. Widely respected by his peers and also former coach to the England National Team between 2003-2011, where the country was at its peak and most successful. Master Denis has immaculate attention to technical detail and pushes students to a high standard and Ek-Lips students are privileged to have such input from this guru!