Senior Instructor – Miss White III Degree

Senior Instructor Michelle White III Degree has practiced Taekwon-Do for over 20 years. Initially this was one of her many sporting hobbies, but this became more serious after joining the England Taekwon-Do Association (ETA) family. Over the years Miss White has accumulated a great collection of ‘goodies’, commonly known as medals, obtained in regional and national competitions, in sparring, patterns and destruction.

As well as being a Taekwon-Do practitioner, Ms White takes great pleasure teaching both adults and children in her quirky style and states, “As an instructor, my initial task is to understand the personality of the student, which then guides me on how to develop them in the art, by enhancing their best assets and strategically strengthening weaker areas.

“Student participation at competition level is exciting for the school and pleasing to the instructor. However, to positively impact students and to enhance their confidence so they can be productive within society, is unmeasurable and far more rewarding to me”.

Enhanced DBS approved

First Aid Qualified


Gratitude to Instructors That Crafted My TKD Skills

Ms White acknowledges and is extremely grateful to all her instructors that have been conducive in crafting her TKD skills from conception to the present date.